Corner Geeks 30: The Post I/O Experience Part 4 – Chromecast, Chrome OS, Cardboard



Chrome OS


Corner Geeks 20 – Google I/O 2012 – Part 3 – The non-Android Bits

Google I/O 2012 links: I/O websiteDay 1 videoDay 2 video

  • Day 1
    • Google+ Events
      • Party mode that shares all photos to the event page
      • Calendar integration: ensure to disable showing events that you have been invited to and not accepted to show in calendar
    • Google Glass Explorer Edition
      • US$1500. Sky diving, bike stunt, repelling approved
  • Day 2
    • Chrome for iOS
      • iPhone & iPad
      • With features like tab syncing, and password synchronization
    • Google Drive
      • Now available for iOS and Chrome OS
      • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on images – can search for text in photos
      • Intelligent image search (e.g. search for pyramid and it can retrieve photos with pyramids in it)
      • Built into ChromeOS
    • Google Docs Offline
      • save changes when offline and uploads when online
    • Google Compute Engine
      • Amazon EC2 competitor