Corner Geeks 23: Facebook’s Home

Facebook Home

  • An Android lock screen/home screen/app launcher and that focuses around people not apps
  • More that just a widget it’s a full experience
  • Cover Feed
    • First thing you see when you switch on: a lock screen with status updates & notifications
    • 1 status update per page, swipe for more
      • Background status image / profile image that pans slowly
      • Press to show full view
      • Double click to like
      • Like and Comment buttons in the corner
    • Circular unlock
      • Uses your Facebook profile photo as an icon to swipe
      • Swipe up – apps
        • Swipe left for all apps (app drawer)
      • Swipe left – messages
      • Swipe right – last used app
  • Chat Heads
    • Overlay icon of people who you are chatting with
    • Shows over any and all apps
    • Can drag anywhere but docked to screen edge
    • Throw to bottom dismiss
  • Facebook Notifications on lock/home screen
  • HTC First – mid ranged phone for the masses with Facebook Home pre installed.
    • Gets full Android notifications (e.g. Calls, texts, mails) on lock screen vs only Facebook notifications for other phones
    • Back, Home & Menu capacitive buttons